A quick way for Richard Sherman to be loved

Pounding the sports beat with a whack-a-mole hammer, not to be confused with a guacamole squisher ...

•Richard Sherman, if you want to earn the love of the 49ers’ fans, promise them that when the 49ers beat the Seahawks in Seattle, you’ll set up a table at midfield, tie on a bib and scarf down a steaming bowl of Pike Place Chowder. I recommend the smoked salmon chowder, because in Seattle, they really know how to smoke stuff. READ MORE >

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Top 10 Restaurants In Seattle For First-Timers

Pike Place Chowder

This restaurant has won accolades from all over America. The lineups will be big, but that first spoonful is worth the hype and wait.

They carry eight varieties of chowder, from New England Clam Chowder to more exotic flavors like lime and coconut chowder.

When they opened, they added New England Clam Chowder to their Friday’s soup of the daily rotation.  Years later, their chowders win prestigious awards from many of the top food critics. 

When you come home from your visit to Seattle, they also ship their chowders across the country. This is a great stop for your first of many Restaurants in Seattle For First-Timers. READ MORE >

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Fans Vote Our House Bistro Chowda-Madness Champion

Westport, CT – Mirroring college basketball's March Madness, Chowdafest presented by Stop & Shop held its own bracketed competition pitting the sixteen all-time best competitors to ever have entered Chowdafest. Nearly 30,000 votes were cast over four weeks resulting in three-time champion Our House Bistro of Winooski, VT being named best who has ever competed at Chowdafest.

Our House Bistro was ranked 3rd overall and has won the creative category at Chowdafest for the last three years in a row. They will be looking to win a new category this fall as they are switching to the New England clam chowder category where a fellow 3-time champion will be waiting for them: Pike Place Chowder of Seattle. Pike Place Chowder competes in chowder competitions all over the country and has earned the unofficial title of America's Favorite Chowder. This will be the first time that the two crowd favorites will go head to head in the same category. READ MORE >

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There's a lot more to Seattle than the Space Needle and steamy cups of Joe. Any local will tell you the Emerald City is well on its way to becoming a top dining destination.

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Pike Place Chowder's Secret Recipe Gives the East Coast a Run For Its Money

Clam chowder is traditionally associated with the East Coast  —  so much so that the two most prominent styles of the hearty soup reflect the relation in their names: New England and Manhattan. But one establishment in Seattle called Pike Place Chowder — located in the beloved Pike Place Market — began entering chowder cook-offs in the 1990s on the both coasts, and absolutely destroyed the competition with their secret recipe. Now, they're serving up steaming bowls of multiple chowder varieties to lines of locals and tourists each day.

Join Lucas Peterson, host of Dining on a Dime, as he samples this venerable East Coast dish that has been thoroughly co-opted by the Pacific Northwest. Peterson samples the New England version, thickened with milk or cream, as well as the Manhattan version, which is red because of the addition of tomatoes.

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Pike Place Chowder