Top 10 Restaurants In Seattle For First-Timers

By Trent Peek • originally posted to PEEK AT THIS on Mar. 15, 2018

When you go to a city for the first time to visit, you often are not quite sure where the best places to eat are in the city. I have compiled a list of the top 10 restaurants in Seattle for first-timers, that I hope will not disappoint your taste buds. You can always ask the concierge at your hotel, and you might get some great suggestions. But sometimes you’re not near your hotel when your stomach starts to growl. 

1. Pike Place Chowder

This restaurant has won accolades from all over America. The lineups will be big, but that first spoonful is worth the hype and wait.

They carry eight varieties of chowder, from New England Clam Chowder to more exotic flavors like lime and coconut chowder.

When they opened, they added New England Clam Chowder to their Friday’s soup of the daily rotation.  Years later, their chowders win prestigious awards from many of the top food critics. 

When you come home from your visit to Seattle, they also ship their chowders across the country. This is a great stop for your first of many Restaurants in Seattle For First-Timers. READ MORE>