One Seattle dish is the national favorite on Yelp

The New England clam chowder at Pike Place Chowder is named the No. 1 dish among Yelpers across the country. Charlene S. wrote: "My favorite was the New England Clam Chowder, which was perfectly creamy and delicious. The clams were tender and tasted fresh. It was honestly better than most chowders I've had in SF and Boston. ... For my visits in the future, I'll definitely stick to my favorite, which is the New England Clam Chowder."

Does that mean we beat New England at their own game? This chowder is backed with national awards, so let's say yes.

Check out what other dishes in Seattle are among Yelpers' favorites. READ MORE >

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14 Classic Restaurants at Pike Place Market

Fancy and decidedly otherwise, these destinations stand the test of time.

Pike Place Chowder

Did you think Ivar’s was the only big-name chowder in town? Clearly you’ve never waited in the Disneyland-level line for a bowl at the Post Alley counter that’s become a tourist phenom. It is superb, creamy, and a rare chowder with more clams than potatoes. If the queue and subsequent wait for seating override the charms of location, you can get that same chowder sans wait at the Pacific Place outpost six blocks away. READ MORE >

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It’s hard to recommend just a few places to stop on a road trip in Washington, but these are my favorites if you only have a few days.


If you’re starting in Seattle, I recommend spending more than one day since there’s so much to see. However, if you just have a day, make sure to stop by Pike Place Market. While it may seem like a tourist trap, I still enjoy going there for fresh flowers and produce. While you’re there, check out the original Starbucks and stop by Pike Place Chowder for some delicious seafood chowder. READ MORE >

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9 Cruise Homeports That Are Just As Good As Your Destinations

If you’re sipping Starbucks coffee on a rainy day with a mountain behind you and the water in front of you, chances are you’re probably in the Pacific Northwest city of Seattle. Nearly all cruises from Seattle are northbound to Alaska and Canada, but occasionally you’ll also find cruises to the Pacific Coast, South America, and Hawaii from the Emerald City too.

Sites to See:

The Space Needle and Pike Place Market are givens, and if you consider yourself a wine connoisseur head to nearby Woodinville for plenty of wineries that offer tastings. For more active activities, try hiking at Tiger Mountain, rock climbing at the Seattle Bouldering Project, or renting a bicycle to ride the Burke-Gilman trail. The offbeat Museum of Pop Culture can also fill a rainy afternoon.

Things to Eat:

  • Pike Place Chowder

  • Pho - hot Vietnamese broth-based soup

  • The Seattle Dog - hot dog with cream cheese on top

  • Fran’s Chocolates

  • Craft Beer - from one of the many microbreweries

  • Grilled Fish - there are lots of varieties


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24 Hours in Seattle – According to a Foodie

When in Portland (more on that in the next few weeks), do as the Oregonians do and take a city trip to Seattle. Better still, drive up the Oregon coast and stop off at the beaches and forests to take in some Pacific air en route. We had only 24 hours in Seattle, but we made the most of them the only way we know how – by eating! If you want to follow our itinerary, you’ll need to arrive by lunchtime on day 1 and leave after brunch on day 2. Just enough time to catch a few restaurants, a market and some Seattle coffee houses. Enjoy!

12:30-2:30 pm: Lunch at Pike Place Market

Split across multiple levels and spilling out into the street as well as indoors, the Pike Place Market is a feast for the senses – especially of the gustatory variety. Walk past vibrant flower stalls on the upper level until you reach Pacific-fresh fish mongers and patchworks of colourful fresh produce. We stopped at a bagel stall for a just-baked sesame bagel with cream cheese and lox (I believe it was made from chinook, the local northwest salmon). We also headed inside for a pasta-and-wine stop at Casalinga. What’s the one thing I wish I’d had room for? Typical Northwest clam chowder from Pike Place Chowder! READ MORE >

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72 Hours in Seattle – Day 2

Pike Place Chowder – Oh my. There is a reason this place has been winning awards for 25+ years. Get here early, because the line gets really, really long. But once you get there…yummm. We had the chowder sampler and went with New England Clam Chowder, Smoked Salmon Chowder, Crab & Oyster Chowder, and Seafood Bisque…with a 1/2 Lobster Roll. All my husband asked for on this trip was lobster and chowder. My, oh my, oh my. When can we go back??? READ MORE >

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Freaky Fries: What's better than Pike Place Chowder? Pike Place Chowder FRIES

All this week, Refined is on a quest to showcase some of the best french fries in Seattle. Each producer branched out to a new place in the city to search for the ultimate, most unique fry. We've already seen Brandon try Poutine O' the Sea, Malia taste short rib fries...and now it's John's turn!

The shops at Pacific Place sell lots of luxury items, designer purses, flashy sunglasses and solid gold clam chowder.

Ask anyone on the Seattle Refined team, and they'll tell you I love french fries the most. I also love chowder, so the two together? Sounded like a dream. READ MORE >

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Eating good food, overcoming fear of flying

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to spend a little time in Seattle with some of my cousins. My youngest cousin, C.J., works for American Express Travel and was on an assignment in the Seattle area for a month, and my oldest cousin, Sean, lives just outside Seattle in Bellevue, so it was a great excuse for me to take to the skies.

Only those closest to me know that a few years ago I developed a fear of flying. It is not debilitating enough to keep me home, but it is just enough to elevate my blood pressure and interrupt my sleep before I go on an adventure. In an effort to face my fears head-on, I booked a sightseeing trip aboard a two-man helicopter on my first day in Seattle. READ MORE >

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MealPal, a lunch subscription service from the creators of ClassPass, launched today! MealPal offers convenient and affordable local restaurant meals for pickup to busy Seattleites. The launch area currently includes Downtown Seattle and South Lake Union. 

You’ll get lunch every weekday from restaurants in Seattle, including:

Evergreens Salad, Manmoon Street, Din Tai Fung, Assembly Hall, Veggie Grill, Dahlia Bakery, Kigo Kitchen, Pokeworks, Homegrown, Skillet, Eggs & Plants, Gyros Place, Blue Water Taco Grill, Pho Bac, Citrus Thai, Pike Place Chowder, and dozens more! READ MORE >

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The Best Way To Spend Two Days In Seattle

Jack’s Fish Spot in the center of the market is an excellent pit stop for freshly steamed Dungeness crab or English-style fish and chips. If you’re in the mood for a hearty seafood soup, don’t hesitate to get in line at Pike Place Chowder. Usually boasting a 30-plus minute wait, this storied shop always has a line at least 20 people deep for its selection of chowders and lobster rolls (Pro tip: if you’re only getting chowder, order online and take it to go). READ MORE >

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We know our Chase Sapphire Reserve cardmembers are pretty savvy when it comes to knowing great places to grab a bite, have some fun, or enjoy a drink…or two. So we took a cue from where our Sapphire Reserve cardmembers visit to develop our Sapphire Six Lists. The best part? You earn 3X points when you use your Sapphire Reserve card on travel and dining. Check, please!

There's a lot more to Seattle than the Space Needle and steamy cups of Joe. Any local will tell you the Emerald City is well on its way to becoming a top dining destination.

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Fans Vote Our House Bistro Chowda-Madness Champion

Westport, CT – Mirroring college basketball's March Madness, Chowdafest presented by Stop & Shop held its own bracketed competition pitting the sixteen all-time best competitors to ever have entered Chowdafest. Nearly 30,000 votes were cast over four weeks resulting in three-time champion Our House Bistro of Winooski, VT being named best who has ever competed at Chowdafest.

Our House Bistro was ranked 3rd overall and has won the creative category at Chowdafest for the last three years in a row. They will be looking to win a new category this fall as they are switching to the New England clam chowder category where a fellow 3-time champion will be waiting for them: Pike Place Chowder of Seattle. Pike Place Chowder competes in chowder competitions all over the country and has earned the unofficial title of America's Favorite Chowder. This will be the first time that the two crowd favorites will go head to head in the same category. READ MORE >

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The 10 Best Cheap Eats in Seattle

You don’t need big bucks to eat well in Seattle. You’ll find cheap eats scattered throughout the city, many with the same dedication to locally sourced, sustainable ingredients as Seattle’s top tables.

Cheap Eats in Seattle

From Pacific Northwest classic clam chowder to fantastic pho, here are 10 local restaurants that dish up cheap eats in Seattle.

Pike Place Chowder

Sometimes the best-known spots for cheap eats in Seattle are the best spots. So is the case with this tiny shop in Pike Place Market’s Post Alley. Prepare to wait, then order a big bowl of briny comfort,  with choices that include smoked salmon, crab and oysters, or seafood bisque. READ MORE>

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9 Must Try Restaurants In Downtown Seattle From A Seattlite

Pike Place Chowder

Recognized internationally as the best clam chowder in America, Pike Place Chowder boasts numerous awards including multi-year champions of clam chowder. Although the lines are usually at least 20 minutes long, this chowder is worth every minute of the wait. I would stand in line with tourists every week just to get their New England Chowder because it is just that good. READ MORE >

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Seafood: From Sea to Shining Sea

Lest we forget, on the opposite side of the states, there’s also a place where seafood is fresh, plentiful and popular, and a city where you can find some of the country’s best seafood eating. We’re talking about Seattle, Washington! From its location in the northwest corner of the continental United States where it sits right on Puget Sound, Seattle is known as one of the best and most famous seafood cities internationally.

Pike Place Chowder

Even if you’re visiting from the east coast, you can get New England clam chowder here that’s extremely filling and delicious. It’s a comfort food staple packed with big, meaty clams and served steaming hot. On the menu are also Pacific Northwest smoked salmon chowders, seared scallop chowder, vegan chowder, shrimp rolls, dungeness crab rolls, smoked salmon rolls, and more.


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Top 10 Restaurants In Seattle For First-Timers

Pike Place Chowder

This restaurant has won accolades from all over America. The lineups will be big, but that first spoonful is worth the hype and wait.

They carry eight varieties of chowder, from New England Clam Chowder to more exotic flavors like lime and coconut chowder.

When they opened, they added New England Clam Chowder to their Friday’s soup of the daily rotation.  Years later, their chowders win prestigious awards from many of the top food critics. 

When you come home from your visit to Seattle, they also ship their chowders across the country. This is a great stop for your first of many Restaurants in Seattle For First-Timers. READ MORE >

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A quick way for Richard Sherman to be loved

Pounding the sports beat with a whack-a-mole hammer, not to be confused with a guacamole squisher ...

•Richard Sherman, if you want to earn the love of the 49ers’ fans, promise them that when the 49ers beat the Seahawks in Seattle, you’ll set up a table at midfield, tie on a bib and scarf down a steaming bowl of Pike Place Chowder. I recommend the smoked salmon chowder, because in Seattle, they really know how to smoke stuff. READ MORE >

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When It Comes to Chowder, Is the West Coast the Best Coast?

Like Duke’s, Seattle standby Pike Place Chowder uses East Coast clams in their signature chowder. “We don’t put a strong focus on using regional ingredients because it would really restrict what we serve,” said Marketing Director Charlotte Cook. Instead, they focus on just making their clam chowder the best it can be. Though they have 8 varieties of chowder on their menu, Cook said that roughly 90% of their business comes from the classic: New England Clam Chowder.

Pike Place Chowder does, however, offer a few soups that use flavors and seafood from the Pacific Northwest. The two most notable are Smoked Salmon Chowder, which uses local salmon and Oregon bay shrimp, and the Crab and Oyster. (Pike Place founder calls the former “lox and bagels without the bagel,” which I am absolutely on board with.) READ MORE >

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